Business Law

Business Transactions

Businesses often rely upon a business attorney for counsel regarding deal negotiation, structuring and financing of transactions, leasing, sale and purchase of assets or stock, debt management, mergers, restructuring, reorganization, licensing, and other business issues.

Contract Preparation and Review

Contracts are agreements between "persons" (which include both human beings and business entities), and include leases, employment agreements, buy-sell agreements, construction contracts, non-compete agreements, agreements to license a service or product, franchise agreements, and real estate purchase agreements. Under Florida law, outside an attorney's fee provision in the contract, in the event of a dispute the parties will typically bear their own fees unless a statute provides otherwise.  A contract will often restrict or expand a party's rights and remedies.  A well-drafted contract is vital to protecting your interests.

Corporations, Partnerships, and Other Business Entities

The type of entity for doing business is an important choice.  Particular benefits, costs, and legal requirements come with whatever entity is utilized, whether a corporation or one of several types of partnerships, such as a limited liability company ("LLC").  Whatever entity is chosen, shareholders, partners, members, and managers often rely on a business attorney for advice on minimizing personal liability, protecting invested capital, structuring management, providing for resolution of conflict, and avoiding deadlock through voting requirements and buy-out provisions.

Clear expectations and responsibilities between those participating in a business will prevent many conflicts among the participants.  This can generally be accomplished through well-drafted organizational documents.  These include articles of organization, bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, corporate minutes and executive employment contracts.